Acting Press

"Grant Neale and Alexis McGuinness are delightfully malevolent as the Ceasescus..."
Wilborn Hampton , Waxing West

"Neale holds up the final act with all sorts of wide-eyed bits of comedy...a fabulous actor...he's a marvel of gesture and timing."
Seattle Post Intelligencer , Die Fledermaus

"Funniest of all was Grant Neale...who found that all important vein of broad physical comedy just before it spills over into bludgeoning schtick."
San Francisco Chronicle , Die Fledermaus

"...a rubber-limbed actor named Grant Neale (has) re-imagined the speaking role of Frosch the jailer, transforming him from a tiresome, drunken lecher into a cross between Roberto Benigni and Harpo Marx; he very nearly steals the show.
Bellingham Herald , Die Fledermaus

"...the Protean actor Grant Neale, superb as three different men..."
The Village Voice , Innocents

"Grant Neale (is) particularly good..."
The New York Times , Innocents

  "...and Grant Neale deliver especially fine cameo turns..."
The New York Times , The Skin of Our Teeth

"Grant Neale slyly but brilliantly horrid as a dysfunctional youth with a Hitler complex."
Clive Barnes, New York Post, Linda

"But the tour de force is Grant Neale' performance as "Bill" the Swan. Neale inhabited his character so magnificently that there were moments when one saw his neck become four feet long."
Poughkeepsie Journal , The Swan

"Grant Neale does a Pythonesque turn worthy of Graham Chapman...his comedy catapults the production..."
The Village Voice , Misalliance

..." (the) slapstick valet, actor Grant Neale, is a scene stealer."
Los Angeles Times , Countess Maritza

  The final act livens up considerably with the entrance of Grant Neale as Penizek. Neale takes his role as major domo to Tassilo's aunt and injects it with a spectacularly gifted comic phys8icality.   He's got great timing, grace, the ability to deliver a joke and a hilarious gift for dialect."
The Orange County Register , Countess Maritza

"Grant Neale as her servant almost walked away with the show and Santa Fe."
The Village Voice , Countess Maritza

"Mr. Neale's physical playing is nothing short of a miracle as he hunches, launches and at times nearly flies through space in his pursuit of his lady love."
The Independent , The Mystery of Irma Vep

"Neale also carves each of his characters into a rock solid, totally deranged and entirely weird creation. He gets laughs just by walking on stage. He gets more just by opening his mouth. You won't see a more natural comic talent performing this season."
Times Union , The Mystery of Irma Vep

"Mr. Neale's physical playing is nothing short of a miracle."
The Independent , The Mystery of Irma Vep

"Neale is a physical comedian on par with Bill Irwin, a master of the pratfall, and of something even rarer-silly gracefulness..."
The Daily News , A Midsummer Night's Dream

"Grant Neale's Puck is a joyous combination of Elvis Presley and Danny Kaye, combining sex appeal with unbridled lunacy."
Backstage , A Midsummer Night's Dream

  "Another Grant Neale..."
The New York Times , Mary Stuart


Directing Press

"...It was a joy to see it come alive upon the stage under the direction of Grant Neale."
River Valley Reader , Twelfth Night

" This is a 'Twelfth Night' that needs to be seen and relished."
La Crosse Tribune , Twelfth Night

"... In a playful staging by Grant Neale, Farquhar comes across as giddily contemporary..."
The New Yorker , The Recruiting Officer


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