I enjoy helping actors and opera singers bring a clear understanding of the given circumstances of the scene, identify the actions that those circumstances compel them to take, and discover a variety of tactics to assist them in carrying out these actions. I seek to simplify or streamline the actor's intellectual understanding of the material, create a foundation of clarity or, better yet, a clearly defined playing field, inspire the student to know that the possibilities are infinite within the playing field, and guide the actor in building an audition or performance that smacks of clarity, inspiration and variety. I love helping an actor find the dramatic circumstances that get them into emotional trouble.

You have to have something to control before you try to control it and you have to have something to mold before you can mold it. I often find that actors are trying to control themselves without first having established the raw material for the piece they are working on. I help the actors with whom I work build up personalized connections to the material and then guide them in molding their performance on a technical level.

I have been fortunate to share my work with students at The New York Film Academy, The Acting Studio, The School for Film & Television and The Ward Acting Studio.

For my private coaching practice, I have successfully coached actors and opera singers with Graduate school auditions, Broadway and Regional theatre roles and auditions, Film, Television, Operatic auditions, concerts, productions and competitions.

"Grant Neale slyly but brilliantly horrid as a dysfunctional youth with a Hitler complex."
Clive Barnes, The New York Times , Linda


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